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Sketch Cast

Wednesdays at 10:30pm, in the deMaat theatre

Tickets are $10, $8 students, $5 TC students

Sketch Cast ensembles write and perform their own material in a two-week run on the deMaat stage. Shows will be Wednesdays at 10:30pm. Tickets are $10 regular, $8 for students, and $5 for TC students.

Directed by: Winter Davis, Keith Horvath, JJ Howe, Rob Kozlowski, Jay Steigmann, Ric Walker

Tech Director: Dujuan Pritchett

Lisa Akroush
Stephanie Burchinow
Emily Hochman
Natasha Little
Katie Stasiak
Katy Vergo
Anirudhan Ramanathan
Neftali Morales
Jess DeBacco
Mick Cohen-Carroll
Sherri Jones
Mari DeOleo
Grant Gigot
Alessandra Drapos
Mandy Pote
Andrew Jorgenson
Mike Seskauskas
Morgan Cordell
McKenzie Morrell
Kaitlynn Kelly
Corey Wagner
Carly Garber
Cyrus Leddy
Brookes May
Raymond Velez
Holly Nordquist
Jennifer Cheung
Brian Bennett
Andrew Roddewig

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