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Sketch Cast

Sketch Cast

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Sketch Cast: Writing Program Ensembles! Wednesdays at 10:30pm

Sketch Cast ensembles write and perform their own material, May 11th – June 15th, in the de Maat Theatre!
Directed by: C.J. Arellano, Winter Davis, Joe Janes, Andrew McCammon, Edmund O’Brien, Zackery Stephens
TD: Ashley Connell
Kate Anderson

Nathan Bobo
Megan Hosack
Shelby Galny
Marcela Swenson
Scott Becker
Miles Kopcke
Megan Hansen
Phylicia McLeod
Evan Duggan
Val Rock
Candace Mittel
Jessi Realzola
Carlos Rivera
Harry Wood
Raymond Velez
Erin Quinn
Nilay Gandhi
Eric-Alan Shirley
Viola Irvin
Christine Parisi
Parker Bonello
Adrienne Brown
Ana Silvia

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