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Literally Ironic

Literally Ironic

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Literally Ironic


What is Literally Ironic? It’s a slice of modern day life, really. Whether it’s inappropriate sexual hijinks at the office, a jovial argument over who’s dad can kick the other dad’s ass, or something as simple as two bros in one womb,. Literally Ironic captures a certain something that we can all relate to.

Who among us hasn’t been an accountant on a date with a stripper? What’s more American than delivering packages to people who are easily confused? And is there anything more modern than medieval men chasing a woman through the woods believing that she is a werewolf?

Think about it; maybe we’re all a bunch of bossy ladies demanding shots from a bill on Capitol Hill with internet pervs listening to Jesus playing an upsettingly long guitar solo asking ourselves if size really matters.

So bone up on your sandwich art because whether we like it or not we’re all a bunch of hung-over, homeschooled, basic bitches, with potentially serious baseball related injuries heading to an EDM festival without the proper drugs to make it through. And depending on how well you understand the English language, it doesn’t get more Literally Ironic than that.

Literally Ironic stars:

Zach Dimond
Ryan Finn
Heather Liebal
Lindsay Prossnitz
Cat Ring
Jason Sweis

Written By:
Julia Friedman
Matt Gordon
Lindy Groark
Dimitar IIchev
Andrew Roddewig
Beckah Selnick
Brooke Smith
Elena Wathen

Fridays at 7:30pm, March 6 – April 3
Tickets: $12 – General, $10 – Students and $6 – Training Center Students

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