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PJ Gallagher is an Irish stand-up comedian, perhaps better known for his television show Naked Camera. His various characters in the program include a mentally unstable taxi driver, ladies’ man Jake Stevens and a “Dirty Auld One”, an old woman who makes sexual comments. PJ’s performances on T.V has made him one of Ireland's most recognized comedians. Ryan Tubridy has been quoted as describing him as “an inspiration to aspiring Irish actors and comedians” citing “if PJ can do it it gives us all hope”. His taxi driver character infuriated many well-known, highly respected media personalities in the third series, including rugby pundit George Hook and football presenter Bill O’Herlihy. PJ Gallagher travelled to the U.S. in 2008 where his alter ego Jake Stevens interviewed people such as Erik Estradaand Lou Ferrigno for the televisions series Makin’ Jake. After doing many more smaller T.V. shows P. J. has returned with a big bang in 2011, with a comedy sketch show which drew the attention of US talk show host, Conan O’Brien. Commenting on Meet Your Neighbors, Conan said, ‘That guy cracked me up for an entire afternoon that I forgot to meet my wife for lunch.

Come see PJ Gallagher “Raging” for one night only!

Live on August 3rd at 10:30pm at The Second City mainstage theatre. Doors open at 10pm and seating is assigned upon arrival.

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