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The Second City Training Center - Chicago

The Mary Scruggs Works By Women Festival

The Mary Scruggs Works By Women Festival Image

Congratulations to our 2014 winners!

The Second City Training Center is proud to present the fourth-annual Mary Scruggs Works By Women Festival 2014. This festival is a showcase of new sketches and songs written by women of the Second City Training Center to honor and continue the legacy of Mary Siewert Scruggs, Head of the Writing Program, 2001–2011.

The following writers were selected for festival awards at the final show of the Festival on December 12, 2014:

Cassandra Belek: Lookingglass Theater workshop award for her scene “RSVP”
Claire McFadden: Second City cast production award for her scene “Home Alone Dining”
Annie Goodson: Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me! award for her scene “Minority Report”
Alicia Kraft: Dave Kneebone Script Review award for her scene “Hysteria”
Anne Brady: Geoffrey Baer/WTTW Tour award for her scene “The Right Moment”
Mary Tilden: Seth Meyers show award for her scene “Maid You Look”

Information for the 2015 festival will be available in September 2015.

Congratulations to this year’s writers whose scenes appeared in the festival:

November 21
Julie Dolan - Estimated Costs of Repairs
Victoria Elena - Equal
Holly Lambert - Baby Blues
Claire McFadden - Hone Alone Dining
Maureen Monahan - Lululemon
Mollie Rehner - Girl You Don’t Want to Date
Chrissy Sofranko - Sexy Suffragette
Mary Tilden - Ready-Maid Mistake
Sarah Uhl - Aunt Catherine
Alyssa Wilden - Crossfit Cult

November 28
Maggie Dempsey - I’ve Got Some Strings
Mari DeOleo - A Loving Mother to Her Daughter
Tyler Feder - Dress Code
Amy Gascon - Boys Will Be Boys
Alicia Kraft - Hysteria
Kristen Lundberg - Abortion
Katie Pittman - Esther Johnson’s History Report
Sophia Rafiqi - Adult Sitting
Erin Soggs - Apple
Cathy Sweitzer - Elevator Pitch

December 5
Anne Brady - The Right Moment
Julia Brenner - Cross Mix
Nicola Dempsey - Burglar
Ann Goodson - Minority Report
Christie Grace - Lasagna
Emily Herrell and Emma Smith - The Day You Shaved Your Beard
Louise Loeb - Death and Taxes
Natalie Peeples - Spinning
Paula Skaggs - Save the Millenials
Amy Young - Secret Girlfriends

December 12
Mel Bee - Renaissance Women
Amber Bakeberg - Boomerang Child
Cassandra Belek - RSVP
Elise Burchard - The Pickup Artist
Sarah James - Charge Me Money
Liz Moore - Gun Control
Elyse Moretti - Left Alone
Alice Stanley - Pinky
Mary Williams-Barber - The Year: 1977