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The Second City Training Center Hollywood

What's New

Improv 1 Weekend Intensives REGISTER
Friday-Sunday, July 18-20 • August 8-10 • August 22-24
While learning the building blocks of improvisation, this course builds confidence through ensemble energy.

Improv 1 Weeklong Intensives REGISTER
Monday-Friday, August 18-22
You will learn the basic elements of The Second City style of improvisation. Students will study the agreements of improvisation, the building of an ensemble, creation of an environment and character construction.

Adult Summer Camps REGISTER
August 18-22
Camp will take place Monday through Friday 11am-4:30pm. Each day you will rotate through Improvisation, Sketch Comedy and Movement. All students are welcome and no previous writing, improvisation or movement training is needed. At the end of the week, invite your friends and family to a free show where you will show off your new improv, movement and sketch skills.

Go Big or Go the F*ck Home with Jamie Moyer REGISTER
August 18-22
Go Big or Go The F*ck Home is an intensive course, constructed specifically to make any improviser improve their abilities to make bold and confident choices in scene and character work. Jaime will help you learn to attack the scene, while still offering up your best support for your scene partners. Stop looking at your work from the outside while you're still inside of it! Instead be in the moment, be bold, and go big know the rest. A must-take for the improviser who feels stalled, shy, or simply behind the eight ball in scenes. Prerequisite: Improv 2 or higher at Second City, or an equivalent level of training at another improv institution.

The Writer's Lounge
Are you a writer who would love a dedicated space, day, and time to write in each week? Would you like an experienced writing coach nearby to help if you have questions? Then the SC Writers Lounge is for you! Each week, the Second City Hollywood writers room will be set aside for three hours for you and a limited number of other writers. Come work in a quiet, dedicated room, enjoy the space and the opportunity to focus on your writing.

Like having a personal trainer for the gym, committing to the Writer's Lounge will help you hold yourself accountable by committing to the same day and time each week. And an experienced SC writer will be present for each full session if you'd like to get advice, run things by, and get feedback!

You must register for one month at a time, the tuition comes out to $25/day.

The SNL Model with Ron West REGISTER
How many times have you watched SNL and thought "I could do that!"? This class will mimic the creation process of a weekly topical sketch show. Students will write, refine and ultimately perform material in a structure based on the SNL Model: one week from origination to performance. You could do that? Stop saying it and start doing it!

August 19-24 as follows:

Tuesday August 19- Pitch Meeting 6:30-10:30pm
Thursday August 21- Read Through and notes 6:30-10:30pm
Saturday August 23- Rehearsal 2:00-8:00pm
Sunday August 24- 9-10:30am tech, 5:00-6:30pm Rehearse, 6:30-7:30pm SHOW!

*Writing/outside work will be required.