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Student Appreciation Day

Saturday, July 26


We want to express our gratitude for being a part of our community. On SATURDAY JULY 26 come down to the TC (why not bring a friend) to try out a free class, win cool prizes and and snack on some yummy treats!

CURRENT & NEW students welcome!

Workshop schedule:

Improv: Step out of your comfort zone and into fun! This workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals of improv (teamwork, focus, giving and taking, saying Yes!)
(12:30-2pm OR 2:30-4pm)

Stage Craft: Get a head start on the acting basics!
Breath control!
Emotional choices!
Vocal intensity!

Stand Up: This workshop will give you a brief introduction to finding your voice and creating material for your own "tight five."
(12:30-2pm OR 4:30-6pm)

Writing: Thinking about making a career change? What about writing for comedy! Get the low down on basic scene structure, character development, establishing action and styles and genres of comedy.

Longform: If you already have some improv experience under your belt, get the skinny on longform improvisation. This workshop will give you a brief into to game of the scene, editing and group scenes.
(12:30-2pm & 2:30-4pm)

Musical Improv: Belt out a tune! Get comfortable with singing, and play a variety of musical performance games.
(2:30-4pm & 4:30-6pm)

Spaces are limited please email to save your spot!