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The Second City's

Second City For President

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Do you have electoral fatigue? Do polling numbers and spin doctors have you reeling? Then, The Second City has the perfect remedy, Second City for President: a gut-busting comedy revue that doles out laughter at the expense of both sides of the aisle as well as comedy that is decidely unpolitical, uncensored and unabashedly hilarious.

Second City for President runs on a strictly pro-comedy platform.

For more information or additional assistance, please email Joe Ruffner or call him at 312-664-4032.

Press Release (PDF)
Technical Rider (PDF)
Marketing Kit (ZIP file)

Additional downloads can be found to the right in the "Program Information" sidebar item.

You may be asking yourself, "What's in this Marketing Kit?" Take a peek a the image below to see what your Marketing kit contains: