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Last night my family and I saw "South Side of Heaven." It was absolutely hilarious. It was great for groups. My family has 50 year olds and teenagers, and we all thought that it was great.
-Jay K.
Yelp! Reviewer

The Second City had been my "go-to" show in Chicago for years! I have sent countless groups to Second City...It is perfect for my out-of-town groups, as it really gives them a big, hilarious slice of Chicago.
-Kate Nelson
Chicago Is..., Inc.

The comedians were simply outstanding and did such a good job bringing Sephora and our people into the show. There was so much laughing and most of us cried all our makeup off from laughing so hard. The team was RAVING about how much fun it was. It was such a great way to end our conference.
- Kim Delaney

Our group had a blast at the show last weekend, and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Hats off to you and the rest of the Second City crew!
-Shawn F. Scott 09T
Emory University Alumni Association

My boss liked it so much he is flying out there in July to come see the show again.
-Stephanie Hand

My students loved the show…The general consensus was that your show was worth the trip to Chicago in and of itself. We will be in Chicago again and Second City will be a stop... my students would kill me if it wasn't.
- Matthew C. Douglas
Washington High School

Again...well done. Dysfunctional Holiday Revue is a "Classic"...Loved it! I’ve told several people about it. It's a must see. Everyone should make it an annual event.
-Michele Pondexter
Holiday Inn Mart Plaza