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Improv Classes for Anxiety

Improv Comedy Classes For Anxiety

Sure, improv comedy classes can be a fun hobby and a creative way to express yourself. However, for some, the benefits of improv expand far beyond that. Clinical psychologists and researchers have found that improv can be an ideal form of ‘treatment’ for those with anxiety disorders. This is why The Second City offers an Improv for Anxiety program that integrates classes and a cognitive behavior therapy support group.

Overcome Low Self-Esteem & Anxiety

While this should never be a substitute for therapy, this program can be a great supplement. In a judgment-free environment, people with low self-esteem and anxiety can fully express their feelings and emotions without fear of failure.

Ensemble-Based Improv Class For Anxiety

Improv is a form of theater where every part of the performance is made up on the spot. It is a great way for those with a fear of public speaking and social anxiety manage their condition and and become more comfortable in group settings. Students’ performance relies on trusting in each other and supporting one another, and each individual can be silly and open knowing they will not be judged.

CBT Support Group To Deal with Anxiety Issues

The Second City partners with therapists to facilitate a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) support group for those taking improv to deal with issues with anxiety. These sessions will help students apply what they have done and learned in improv classes to situations they may encounter in the real world.

Contact Us for More Information

Our Improv for Anxiety class involves eight two-and-a-half hour sessions, and the support group is eight two-hour sessions . If you experience social anxiety and would like to become more comfortable speaking publicly or in social situations, our Improv for Anxiety program in Chicago may be just what you need. A couple signs our program may be for you include:

  • You avoid doing things you want because you feel nervous around other people
  • You are afraid of looking silly and being embarrassed
  • Your work or schoolwork is affected by your fear of public speaking
  • You hate being the center of attention

You can learn more or sign up for this program by contacting The Second City today. Our Chicago location offers a variety of comedy acting and writing classes. Find us online or call us at 312-664-3959.