Events In Chicago

There is no shortage of events in Chicago, even for the pickiest of tourists. Whether you are looking forward to eating deep-dish pizza, going to a Cubs game, or enjoying Millennium Park, Chicago events are as varied as they are fun. Though Chicago may not have Broadway, plenty of shows are available in the city, particularly comedy shows. Comedy has become an integral part of Chicago, with The Second City at the helm. So don’t miss out on one of the important cornerstones of entertainment in the city!

Comedy Shows In Chicago

Ever since 1959, The Second City has been a hub for comedy talent, with alumni ranging from Bill Murray to Steve Carrell. If you want to experience the best of comedy in Chicago, come to a Second City show. Though many Chicago events include comedy, the best is at The Second City. You have not experienced Chicago comedy without going to at least one of our shows!


First and foremost, we are an improv troupe, meaning that each show is always something new and exciting. When you are visiting and trying to decide on what events in Chicago to participate in, you want to go to something fun and new. Not many places in the United States have such a diverse set of shows that are created out of pure improvisational talent. Because these shows are largely based on improv, there’s a good chance you will see a completely different show every time you visit, even if you choose a show with the same name. In addition, the improv methods we use allows us to easily switch up the rotation of shows. Because our actors don’t have to memorize a strict script of lines, we can offer a better rotation of shows without creating extra stress on our actors. This gives us an incredible advantage over other area theaters.

Enjoy Your Time in Chicago

When you visit a new city, you want to experience unique places and enjoy yourself. Take the time to research events in Chicago for the days you’ll be visiting and see what kind of shows you want to see, the food you want to eat, and more! Here at The Second City, we strive to consistently offer amazing shows and great entertainment. That’s why we work hard to keep changing our shows to keep things fresh and new for our visitors. With the improv methods used, you will never see the same show twice. Events in Chicago are plenty, but make sure to take the time to get tickets to a Second City show!

Visiting Old Town

The Second City is located in the Old Town neighborhood, which is a great place to stay if you are visiting Chicago or looking to move here. There are numerous restaurants, fun Chicago events, and more. In addition, the public transportation in this area is easy to use. If you find yourself in Old Town, definitely spend a night at one of our many shows, whether at our Mainstage Theater, the e.t.c. Theater, or the UP Comedy Club. We offer shows that are perfect for just about everyone. Because our actors range in a variety of ages and ability levels, you will be able to find something that best suits your sense of humor. Our goal is to make sure everyone gets a show they will enjoy, leaving the theater with a smile on their face and laughter in their voice.


No matter if you have lived in Chicago your entire life, or are just here for a weekend, seeing a show at The Second City is an event in Chicago you cannot miss! With a multitude of hilarious shows to choose from, you will be glad that you are experiencing comedy at best theater in Chicago, The Second City! There are many events in Chicago that bring visitors to the area. If you are here to take in one of these events, you will likely have some free time to enjoy other aspects of the city. Taking in a show at our comedy club can be the perfect complement to the other reasons you have chosen to visit this big city. You won’t be disappointed after you take in a show and may even decide to return for another before you head home.