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Writing Program

Master the skills of writing sketch comedy in this writing program designed for writers and actors of all experience levels. Learn basic scene structure, character development, establish action, and learn the styles and genres of comedy.



  • Writing Levels 1-6
  • 3 Hours, 7 Weeks
Writing 1

Your Writing 1 class lays the groundwork for writing comic scenes in The Second City tradition. You’ll practice free-flow writing, writing without your editing yourself or judging your work, as well as writing collaboratively in groups and partners.

Writing 2

Your Writing 2 class explores basic sketch structure, pitching basic sketch premises, and different points of view. You will also look at the difference between satire and parody and basic editing techniques.

Writing 3

Your Writing 3 class delves deeper into Second City scenic forms, as well as continuing to explore the differences between parody and satire in sketch comedy writing.

Students must submit a sketch to the program head for approval and admittance into Writing 4.

Writing 4

In your Writing 4 class, you’ll source ideas from current events and personal history and create sketches from them, as well as building your point of view.

Writing 5

In your Writing 5 class you’ll begin creating a revue. Write and edit original material for a Second City-style revue.

Writing 6

In your Writing 6 class you will produce your first revue! Produce a Second City-style revue, from pre-production through closing night, utilizing the skills you have acquired in your previous and current writing classes.

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Writing for Television

Late Night...with Pat Thornton

Have you ever wanted to write for late night television? This class runs you through a writer’s room style format to create a host monologue, push out topical news desk jokes, and formulate bits for guests.

Students are safely put to the test by running an actual staged talk show. By…

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Original Spec Scripts for TV

Learn what it’s like to write for television. From the initial concept and character creation through to the plot outline and final polish, create a fully developed first draft of an original television pilot. This course offers a relaxed atmosphere, and encourages teamwork. Learn the benefits of working with other…

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Writer's Room with Gary Pearson

Come experience life in a Writer’s Room with Producer/Show Runner Gary Pearson. Work on TV sketches, monologues, jokes. Each week, the workshop resembles a Writers Room for TV. In the final week you get a chance to have the final draft of your sketches read in front of a live…

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Sketch Writing

Comedy From A Broad

A hands-on writing class to help you push past your doubt, develop a strong female point of view, expand the role of the female protagonist, avoid being the straight “woman” and some tips on how to thrive as a female comic.

This workshop is not offered every term. If you would…

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LGBT Writing Workshop with Paul Bellini

The goal of the class is to use an LGBT Point of View to create characters and sketches that go beyond the stereotype. This class is open to students of all sexual preferences, orientations or identifications

This workshop is not offered every term. If you would like to be informed when…

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Sketch Troupe: From Pen to Performance

This class will hit the ground running, taking students through the rigors of being in an actual sketch troupe. With five original sketch show performances and a cumulative “Best Of” show over this seven week course, students will be thrown directly into pitching written material, creating running orders, managing tech,…

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Writing on the Wild Side

This weekend intensive focuses on dangerous language, taboo topic material and testing the waters of political correctness. Working in a safe and non judgmental creative environment, this class pushes the boundaries and explores sensitivities of what makes dark comedy funny.

This workshop is not offered every term. If you would like…

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