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Immersions & Intensives

Are you looking to visit to experience the vitality of the sketch and improvisation community? Are you a local who just wants to spend some concentrated time digging into The Second City method of writing and improvisation? Our immersion programs attract students from all over the country and abroad. Come learn new skills, meet new friends, and take advantage of the comedy scene!

3-Day Intensives

Improv and Writing Intensives

  • Improv and Writing Intensives
  • 3 days

Our 3-day Improv and Writing Intensives are a fun introduction to the techniques done at The Second City.

Improv Intensive

An intensive look at the principles and processes of improv for beginning performers.

Writing Intensive

An introduction to sketch comedy techniques including characterization, comedic premise, and story structure.

Improv & Writing Intensive

Learn principles and processes of improv in the morning leading into an introduction to sketch comedy in the afternoon.

Got a little more time on your hands? Check out our 5-day Improv and Writing Immersions! We also offer several Specialty Immersions during the summer.

WHERE TO STAY IN CHICAGO? The Second City Training Center does not provide housing for students. Students are responsible for arranging their own accommodations. See our “Where To Stay” list for recommended hotels, hostels, and dormitories in the Chicago area, some with special rates for Second City students!

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Week-Long Immersions

Summer Adult Immersions

Our Summer Adult Immersions programs are a crash course in the philosophies and methods that Second City uses to find, explore, and create material. These programs are a great way to study our creative process, and to get you excited about how you can reach your potential. Our Immersions attract…

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Winter & Spring Adult Immersions

Our Immersion programs are a crash course in the philosophies and methods that Second City uses to find, explore, and create material. These programs are a great way to study our creative process, and to get you excited about how you can reach your potential. Our Immersions attract students from…

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Improv for Actors Immersion

The Improv for Actors Immersion teaches trained actors the fundamentals of improv. Cover the fundamental elements of scenework, creating environment, scenic transformation, object work and building ensemble in this one-week class. Students will become more improvisational in written moments and more confident when they improvise.

Students work on building ensemble, object…

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Specialty Immersions

Acting On Camera Immersion

Acting On Camera is your opportunity for on-camera acting experience in scripted and improvised scene work. This immersion is designed for actors and improvisers interested in making the leap from stage to screen. Students looking learn specifically about meeting the new challenges film presents the actor with will enjoy this…

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Comedic Songwriting Immersion

Every wonderned how to write a song? In this Comedic Songwriting Immersion you will learn the fundamentals of comedic songwriting. Immerse yourself in song structure, rhyming, and music, and discover how to locate and heighten your character point of view to comedic effect. Develop your ear for musical style, and…

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The Improvised Quest: A Hero's Journey

Become a stronger improviser and a more courageous creator as you go on your own journey of devised story. Participants in this workshop are invited to play, explore and transform as they learn how to create their own stories and myths. The Quest incorporates improv into the theories of Joseph…

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Intro to Writing for TV & Film Immersion

Writers will learn the improvisational brainstorming skills utilized in any writer’s room. Explore visual writing, story structure and character in preparation for creating work for TV and Film. Discuss existing scripts, generate plot points, and create engaging comedic characters to populate and inspire your longer script….

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Introduction to Filmmaking Immersion

The Intro to Filmmaking Immersion is a hands-on crash course where you learn how to turn your ideas into finished filmed pieces. You will leave the class with a good understanding of the different types of media one can create, the process of filmmaking, and all of the elements that…

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Long Form Improv Immersion

The Long Form Improv Immersion delves deeper into ensemble work and creating full-length improvised performance. Students will work on advanced scenic skills, character development and relationship, editing, and how to execute and design numerous different “forms” for long-form performance. Over the course of the week, students will gain a deeper…

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Music Direction Immersion

The musical director is an essential part of the work done at the Second City. In this Music Direction Immersion, explore all the facets of being a Second City musical director. This includes underscoring improvisational scenes and improvising songs. Students will also dive in to how to collaborate with improvisers to…

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Music Improv Immersion

This Music Improv Immersion will explore the fundamentals of improvised song. Using vocal exercises, rhyming, character-based scenework, and short-form musical games, participants will learn to ground their improvised songs and scenes in character and emotion. Take advantage of the style and theatricality of musical theater to strengthen your existing improv…

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One Person Show Immersion

“Why write a show if you’re not going to change the world?”
– Anne Marie Scheffler

You know the power of comedy. You have a comedic voice. Now you need a show. Work with Anne Marie Scheffler, Second City Toronto alum and the queen of the solo shows, to create your very…

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Short Film Immersion

Go from idea to finished film in one week in this Short Film Immersion! Working in teams and using improvisation to write a script, you will then cast, shoot, edit and then screen your films in the Harold Ramis Screening Room. This intense immersion will give you great hands on…

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Stand-Up Immersion

In Stand-Up Immersion you will develop yourself as a solo comedic performer by writing and workshopping your own material. By understanding how earlier stand-up comics evolved, students experiment outside their comfort zone and experiment until discovering their own unique style….

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Storytelling Immersion: True Story for the Stage

Live, true-storytelling is both a trendy new performance form popularized by public radio and community events, and one of the oldest performance forms there is. Storytelling is a powerful tool that has been used to teach, inspire, entertain and galvanize since before the written word. It belongs to everyone innately,…

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The Writers Table: A Sitcom Writing Immersion

Spend five days working with Second City mainstage alum and television and film writer Jim Fisher in this full-day week-long Immersion. Learn the art and craft of sitcom writing by creating the necessary elements of a class pilot through the free-flowing exchange of ideas experienced in the process known as…

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Voiceover for Improvisers Immersion

Improvisation is a skill that is actively sought after in voiceover artists and this class is about helping the student discover what they will need to get started in the world of voiceover. During this class you’ll learn about mic technique, demos, the difference between narrator and character reads, rates,…

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Writing for Late Night TV & Talk Shows Immersion

Write desk bits, remote segments, guest pieces, sketch and a variety of segments for shows like Fallon, Conan, Kimmel, Seth Myers, Colbert, Ellen and more. Pitch monologue jokes, brainstorm, explore and heighten material in this collaborative Writer’s Room environment. Create original material to strengthen your writing samples, and produce the…

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Writing for Sketch TV Immersion

Learn to write sketches for TV shows like Saturday Night Live. Explore satire, character based sketches, commercial and television parodies, monologue/Weekend Update jokes, create scripts for digital shorts to promote your writing samples online and more. Collaborate with classmates and teacher to heighten and punch up ideas in this creative…

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Writing the Comedic Memoir Immersion

Life is funny – so it’s time to write that sh*t down. In Writing the Comedic Memoir Immersion, you will capture “the funny” from your memories. Rat out old lovers, bosses and brothers. Swear a lot – or a little. Learn to tell the truth on the page, and in…

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Writing with The Onion Immersion

The Second City has partnered with The Onion to present this fundamental Immersion outlining The Onion’s unique system of generating comedy ideas and stories. Learn how to create winning premises, essays and one-liners, but also find your unique comedy voice and learn to trust it to produce reliably successful humor…

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Developing Your Movie Idea: A Crash Course

Developing Your Movie Idea is a two-day story workshop that will demystify the process of developing a movie idea into a feature-length screen narrative. You will be taken through a lively, step-by-step story development process in real-time, then watch the magic happen as the process is applied to your own…

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One Person Show Workshop

The best way to get work is to make work! Ever fantasized about creating your own one person show, but weren’t sure where to start? This is the course for you!

In One Person Show Workshop you can act in the best role, the one you wrote for YOU! Find your…

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One Person Show Workshop 2: More Writing and Story

You know what your one person show is. You’ve got an outline, the title, the poster (even if it’s just in your head). Now you just want the actual script! This workshop is designed for writing, writing, writing.

Specific writing exercises will give you the key points of your show: the…

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