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Comedy and Advertising

Comedy and Advertising is a writing class designed to help students learn how to evaluate a brand’s tone and style. Students will figure out a brand’s advertising strategy, then pitch an ad idea for that brand using advertising elements such as scripting, storyboarding, and mood boards.

What will I learn?
Comedy and Advertising students will learn how to create short ad campaigns that fit into the tone and strategy of existing brands. The goal is to create advertising media that seamlessly integrates itself into the brand’s current strategy, but still has a comedic tone.

What will I do in this class?
Comedy and Advertising will consist of two parts. Part One encompasses the first five weeks of class. Students will be randomly assigned a company brand that currently exists. They will be asked to evaluate the brand’s advertising strategy and pitch an ad campaign idea using mood boards, scripts and storyboards.

Part Two includes the final three weeks of class. Students will be assigned to a non-profit company. Using the skills they’ve acquired during Part One, they will learn the company’s brand and then create an ad campaign to pitch to the non-profits. The non-profits will then give the students feedback on the pitch and the direction.

Who can take this class?
Any student interested in advertising and who wants to learn how to translate their comedic skills to the corporate and advertising world.

How long is this class?
Comedy and Advertising is eight weeks long, for three hours per week.

What do I need to bring?
Students taking classes should bring something with which to write and a laptop.

Will there be a performance?
There is no performance associated with this class.

Why is this class important?
Students learn to dissect brands and pitch to clients, integrating their comedic talent with common advertising tools. This allows the development of a desirable skill set for the real world.


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Comedy and Advertising


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Comedy and Advertising Chicago Term 2 2017 (Mar 8 - Apr 26)