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  • Jul 31 2011

    A list of Beatles and White album references in Southside of Heaven.

    1) Side 2 of Abbey Road plays in its entirety during house mix.
    2) Stage is stark white in contrast to its predecessors a la the White
    Album cover.
    3) Cast first appears together when TR, KR, TM, and EB are walking
    together in Abby Road pose in Fait Accompli.
    4) Clothes original imagined to mirror Whtie Album era promo pic of Fab
    5) Revolutuion #9 sound collage is weaved into sound collage in New
    6)I'm Menthol, Katie wears a Black Flag patch - in Billy's bio it falsely
    gives him credit for directing the Lyric Opera's version of the White
    Album performed by Black Flag.
    7) Bill is Dead - Bio also alludes to Bills fake death a la the Paul is
    Dead hoax/misunderstanding.
    8) Daley - opens with a bit in which the mugging falsetto singing bass
    player tries to take over the song.
    9) Confidence, Radiohead, and More Blood- all mini songs to keep the
    audience engaged but disoriented like the White Albums short songs.
    10) Helter Skelter runs us into intermission.
    11) Plane takes off at top of Raterman is an Allusion the plane in Back
    in the USSR. Misplacement of crash an allusion to I Want You/Polythene
    Pam edit.
    12) Bloody hand in Curse equals Bloody glove on cover of Sgt. Pepper's.
    13) Goodnight - final song on White Album brings in the final scene
    which builds into the caucophony of "A Day in the Life".
    14) Show closes with final Chord from Day In The Life.
    15) Outro music - The End from Abbey Road - linking back to house music.

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