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  • Jul 13 2011

    "Sex & The Second City: A Romantic Dot Comedy" Set to Open at Metropolis

    Tickets are on sale now for Sex & The Second City: A Romantic Dot Comedy at the Metropolis Performing Arts Center in Arlington Heights. Sex & The Second City: A Romantic Dot Comedy will run from August 4 – September 17.

    The dating scene used to be all about candlelit dinners and romantic walks through the park. Now, it's more like texting, tweeting and online friending. Sex & the Second City: A Romantic Dot Comedy takes on the technologies that are supposed to make our lives easier, but really make us pull out our hair. Follow the hysterical dating experiences of these couples as they try to navigate their way through the newest dating site, iLove. And don't miss the special video appearance by Second City alum Fred Willard.

    For more information and to reserve tickets, the Metropolis Performing Arts Center.

    7/13/2011 Comments (1)
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