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Mac Hendrickson


Mac Hendrickson is thrilled to be performing with the Second City on board the Dawn. Mac is a graduate of The University of Notre Dame and The Second City Conservatory....

The Platonics


A two-person comedy sketch show written and performed by Holly Nordquist and Dustin Kerman exploring platonic friendships, including their own. Just like any friendship, this show will have singing, laughing,...

Comedy with Benefits


Saturday, March 4th at 7:30pm! Comedy with Benefits for Toronto’s Coveted Canines Dog Rescue Operation Hosted by DeAnne Smith (CBS’ Late Late Show, Comedy Network, & NBC) Featuring: Pat Thornton,...

Save Yourself From Chicago’s 7-Cent Bag Tax


Soul-crushing peer pressure is a surefire way to help you remember those environmentally-friendly sacks.

In Search of Cruise Control


In this solo comedy, long-time virgin turned sex-fiend, James Gangl, struggles to give his awkward teenage nephew a sex talk he never asked for and will never forget. Gangl digs...

Let’s Support The Swedes During This Difficult Time


Despite the counterfactual evidence, it’s important we come together to support the victims of 2/17.

5 Female Characters That Are Tired As Hell


It’s time these women hung up their stereotypically character-specific hats.

Comedy Trumps Hate


Comedy Trumps Hate An afternoon of Sketch, Stand Up & Improv in support of Planned Parenthood   Toronto’s funniest comedians come together to make us laugh and to stand in...

One Night Only: Denim Levi & Two Men Down


Denim Levi & Two Men Down Two of your favorite improv ensembles: Denim Levi and Two Men Down are thrilled to return to the stage for a One Night Only...

One Night Only – Secret Origins: An Improvised Superhero Event


Secret Origins: An Improvised Superhero Event brings Chicago’s rising improv talent together to create a new superhero. Audience suggestions generate a city and a crisis to form a full origin...