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Raging Tonight in Summer Blockbusters


It’s summertime, and we’re ready for some crazy action-packed, star-studded Hollywood blockbusters. Join Raging Tonight as they fulfill every Hollywood producers’ dreams with a little improvised movie magic. Tickets: $13...

Writing the Comedic Memoir Showcase


Writing the Comedic Memoir Sunday June 25 – The Beat Lounge 8:00- Nancy Beckett Tickets: $5 General FREE TC Students

Writing 5 Demos


Writing 5 Demo Writing 5 Students sketches are showcased in a professional-style cold walk. Tickets: $5

Level Cs – Skybox


Level C Demonstrations Friday June 16th – Skybox 7:00-Mark Piebenga (Sunday) 7:30-Sean Cusick (Wednesday) 8:00-Patrick Rowland (Monday) 8:30- Nicole Hastings (Tuesday) 9:00- Tiffani Swalley (Wednesday) 9:30-Casey Whitaker (Friday) Saturday June...

Acting Lab Showcase


Acting Lab Showcase Tickets: $13 General $11 Student $7 TC Student

Singing to Strings


Expand your musical improv horizons by taking what you’ve learned from Musical Improv Essentials and applying it to singing along to a guitar! In this class, you’ll explore making up...

Bill Letz


Born and raised on the southside of Chicago, Bill Letz is a proud graduate of Second City’s Musical and Conservatory program as well as iO’s Training program. In Chicago, he...

Things We All Just Want To Forget This Memorial Day


There is so, so much about 2017 that we’d all like erased from our brains.

One Night Only: Possum Blossom + Jim & Melissa


Possum Blossom + Jim & Melissa Join Possum Blossom for a wild night of long-form improvised comedy! Give us a word — any word! — and we’ll create a world...

Behind the Bentwood


A lot has changed over the last 58 years at Second City, but one thing has remained a constant: our bentwood chairs.  The simple yet elegant bentwood chair has been...