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One Night Only: Denim Levi & The Potato Farmers


They are at it again! Watch a rematch between the two groups that were both winners of a recent Pillow Fight!  The Potato Farmers won Audience Choice and Denim Levi...



Otherside is a diverse comedy hour, hosted by Elias Rios, that’s curated to highlight talented POC and LGBTQ performers in the city of Chicago.  Otherside serves as an eclectic patchwork...

Lesser Known History


The creators of the sold out “In Your Mildest Dreams” invite you to jump into a time machine and explore the lesser known side of history. With a brand new...

5 Beauty Hacks To Make You A Total ’10’ At The Inaugural Ball


No one wants to dance with a flat-chested loser who can't stop crying about the death of progress!

U2 Returning To Chicago Is The New Obama Farewell Address


Bono, Drumming Bono, Bass Bono and The Edge Bono will return for their own historically significant victory lap.

Big Bad Wolf (vs. Lord Underwearface von Schtinker)


A hilarious musical romp that takes a new look at a children’s classic. Framed for heinous crimes by the evil von Schtinker, our unlikely hero, Big Bad Wolf, must enlist...

Daphney Joseph


Daphney Joseph is bilingual actor and producer born & raised in Montreal. After College, she moved to Toronto to pursuit her passion. Daphney performed in The Second City Training Centre’s...



PHATT al (pronounced “Fat Al”) is an actor, rapper, producer, and a teacher. He (and/or his voice) has appeared in various commercials, TV shows, and movies internationally. You may know...

Teen Sketch (ages 14-18)


Teen Sketch is a quick and fun entry into the world of sketch comedy writing. This is an exercise-based class WITH NO GRADES (woohoo!) that is all about generating ideas...

Georgia Priestley-Brown


Georgia Priestley-Brown hails from Fredericton, NB, and is grateful to have the opportunity to work with Second City.  Her recent Stage Management and Assistant Stage Management credits include Le Nozze...